Matt Reeves will direct The Batman

It looks like Ben Affleck has found his man to direct The Batman.

Cloverfield and War for the Planet Apes director Matt Reeves has reportedly committed to helming Ben Affleck’s first solo Batman film.

Variety is reporting that Reeves is a lock to direct the film, though he has yet to sign any sort of formal deal with Warner Bros.

This won’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been watching this whole saga unfold — Reeves was named as Affleck’s most likely replacement in the same Variety article that announced Affleck’s departure from the director’s chair in January — but it’s good to see the film inching closer to production.

Reeves isn’t the sexiest pick (I still wish we could have seen what Gareth Evans could have done with a Batman film), and his appointment probably won’t win over anyone who’s skeptical about the DCEU.

But his track record is solid. Cloverfield breathed new life into the kaiju genre and made a giant monster attack on New York feel real, and Let Me In, his remake of the acclaimed Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In, was even better than the original, in my opinion.

I haven’t seen any of the Apes films since Tim Burton’s failed reboot (I know, I suck), but I hear nothing but good things about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

And as someone who loves Affleck’s portrayal of Batman (and Bruce Wayne), and was worried he might be about to walk away from the character altogether, anything that points towards his solo Batman movie actually happening is good news.

Reeves has shown he can handle big-budget tentpole flicks, and he’s had experience with taking over a project that’s already in motion (he replaced Rupert Wyatt as the director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), so The Batman should be able to go into production more-or-less on schedule towards the end of the year.

Personally, I don’t care when The Batman is released (as I’ve said before, there’s plenty of Batman content to tide us over in the meantime) — I just want it to be good. And if Reeves can do half as good a job on The Batman as his best pal JJ Abrams did on The Force Awakens, we should get a quality film.

At the very least, I’m a lot more interested now in seeing War for the Planet of the Apes when it comes out in July.

2 thoughts on “Matt Reeves will direct The Batman”

  1. Do yourself a favour Rohan, and check out Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Reeves-directed, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Speaking as someone who was never a massive fan of the earlier POTA films (Burton’s misguided 2001 entry included), I’ve got to say that the new films are among the most solid and perfectly-crafted blockbuster movies for several years, and DOTPOTA, along with the exhilarating Cloverfield, and absorbing Let Me In, bodes well with respect to the latest announcement concerning The Batman (even if I am still a little disappointed that Affleck vacated the director’s chair).

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